Tea Recipes & Inspiration

Tea is much more than a hot beverage. With its roots in food and medicine, it is only natural that Culinary Innovation is at the heart of Rishi’s mission.

The Poinsettia

Masala Chai French Toast

Spicy Masalate

Cocoa Mint Latte

Sparkle Spice Matcha

Spiced Cranberry Pear Sauce

Buddy’s 4 Food Groups

Matcha Oreos

The Big Chaibowski

Black Tea Granita

Whipped Matcha Butter

The Fruit and the Folly

Weeping Maple

We draw inspiration from numerous disciplines including third wave coffee, cocktail mixology, sommeliers’ oenology, botanical apothecary, traditional culinary arts and food cultures from around the world.

Deep Purple

How’d They do That

Screaming Eagle

Tea Infused Ice Pops

Variations on a Theme

Smiles Everyone


Matcha Mojito

Our collection of original recipes include refreshing tonics, innovative cocktails, savory dishes, dedcadent desserts and baked goods.

Matcha Rose Latte

Masala Chai Overnight Oats

Coconut Turmeric Chia Parfait

Blue Moon Milk Tea


Peppermint Sage Matcha Fizz

Matcha Donut Glaze

Omija Blossom

Hibiscus Mar-Tea-Ni

Earl Grey Lavender Martini

Mary Ann is Jealous



Turmeric Chia Chai

Turmeric Ginger Tofu

Turmeric Rishini

Popular Teas
& Botanicals