Black Lives Matter

June 10,2020

We have been quiet on social media this past week to process what is going on in our community and to think deeply about the contributions we can make to this historic moment. This is the time for transformative and long overdue change.

We recognize that actions speak louder than words, so we have updated our company benefits to include annual required PTO Volunteer Days to empower and embolden our employees to contribute to this cause with our time, energy, and activism.

It is well known that our hometown of Milwaukee is blighted with a history of racial segregation and unequal access to resources. Rishi will address this disturbing and unacceptable reality by tackling the issue of food deserts in our city. This is an issue that we are passionate about and an area where we think we can have the greatest impact.

We recognize the disastrous effects that food deserts have on the Black community in Milwaukee, and we are committed to making quarterly financial donations, indefinitely, to the Hunger Task Force, Milwaukee’s free and local food bank. By making a long-term commitment to Hunger Task Force, we hope to help alleviate this manifestation of systemic injustice in our city.