Rishi Tea & Botanicals take pride in its role as leader in the organic tea industry. As part of our mission to provide safe and delicious tea and botanicals our Milwaukee facility is the only Level 2 SQF certified facility of its kind in North America.

What does SQF Stand for?

SQF stands for Safe Quality Food and is a GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative standard).The SQF standard is audited by accredited agencies and our auditing agency is SGS. 

Why is SQF certification important to distributions, wholesalers, and end consumers? 

This certification means that we have the programs and records to demonstrate a consistent and stable food safe supply chain from source origin through manufacturing output. As a company with a global supply chain of food products ranging from 6 continents and over 52 countries, the SQF certification is a proven system to ensure we are constantly and actively engaging with food safety and risk mitigation.  Since our original certification in 2016 we are proud to have consistently been rated as Excellent. 

What does Level 2 Certified mean?

There are three levels to SQF Certification and Rishi Tea is Level 2 SQF Certified.  Level 2 covers all of the procedures in Level 1 but also incorporates a HACCP-Based Food Safety Plan.  HACCP is Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points which assesses risk and implements mandatory practices to follow at the site.  More in-depth information regarding the certification includes Good Agricultural Practices, Good Manufacturing Practices, and Good Distribution Practices.  Level 2 is considered a food-safety plan.   

The guidelines are based on governmental and industry food safety requirements, backed up by documentation of steps taken daily to meet these qualifications. Following the SQF protocols is important  in reducing food safety incidents and recalls.  This type of certifications ensures a heavy focus is placed on safety and quality alike. 

How does Rishi Tea & Botanicals uphold SQF standards?

At Rishi Tea & Botanicals our Quality Assurance team is dedicated to upholding the practices laid out in our SQF And HACCP plans.  We engage in sensory analysis as well as reviewing and writing programs, policies, and instructions.  Engaging with our suppliers and employees who directly impact our products is essential and involves constant education and cooperation.  Our facility operates with strict Good Manufacturing Practices and Food Defense Methods which restricts access and informs behavior, dress code, and sanitary procedures. 

 Rishi Tea & Botanicals is dedicated to providing the highest quality tea and botanicals in addition to ensuring the safety of our products for our customers.