Gongfu Cha

Kung Fu Tea

Gongfu Cha (literally, “Kung Fu Tea”) is a traditional Chinese term that refers to two things: a special class of artisanal, handmade teas and a method of brewing teas of that caliber using particular vessels such as a gaiwan, a small clay or porcelain teapot, a sharing pitcher, and small tasting cups, all often arranged on a tea table. The practice of Gongfu martial arts requires intense deliberation, focus, and repetition to develop skill. The Gongfu Cha tea arts carries a similar gravity and intensity. 

 Gongfu Cha Teaware 

Just as there are various schools of martial arts practice, so too are there various schools of Gongfu Cha. In China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other Chinese diaspora regions, the study of Gongfu Cha is an artistic passion similar to painting, calligraphy, opera, martial arts, or dance. We have selected some classic pieces from our teaware collection and present them here in our Gongfu Cha Essentials to help you get you started with this amazing practice which can last a lifetime.


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