Black Lemon- a Unique Tradition

What is Black Lemon? 

Black lemons are dried citrus fruits, typically limes, which are lightly fermented until they take on the appearance of blackish-brown leather and become totally dry and preserved. Black lemons have a sweet and tangy flavor with some caramelized notes and are a popular ingredient in several middle eastern culinary traditions. They are also known as loomi, Persian limes, black limes, lima-limone, or Omani lemon-limes. The name “Black Lemon” comes from the imperfect translation from the Arabic language.

Some North African and Middle eastern cultures have historically used dried lime because they have limited access fresh fruits and vegetables. The fruit assists in purging the intestines of any unfriendly bacteria with high levels of Vitamin C and is a great complement to meat and dairy heavy diets.

Traditional Benefits of Black Lemon

Black lemon has the reputation as a colon cleanser and major digestive aid. This fruit is also said to reduce toxins in the liver and intestinal tract and is a simple yet very effective digestive tonic. 

Black lemon also has calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium, all of which aids in producing new cells in various systems throughout the body. In addition to all of these minerals, black lemon also has high amounts of Vitamin D, which is necessary to strengthen bones and maintain flexibility.

Black lemon enhances the potential synergy of many herbs and is thought to balance hydration by many herbalists when used with detoxifying botanicals. Not only does black lemon equalize herb interaction, but it also brings balance of flavor to many botanical applications. The unique combination of sweet, piquant and browned sugars makes it a perfect addition to enhance some tea blends.

 Notable Tea with Black Lemon

Black Lemon - Sparkling Botanicals

Black Lemon is our creative spin on a classic. We combine our direct trade, heirloom variety black tea, floral California lemons and aromatic blackened lemons.

Dandelion Detox

Dandelion Detox is a sophisticated mash-up of traditional Chinese slimming teas and detox herb tea blends from western herbalism. 

Black Limón - Cold Brew

Bright and citrusy with a malty, graham cracker finish, Black Limón is our creative spin on the classic pairing of black tea and lemon. 

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