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Spicy Chaga Mushroom Milk Tea

This spicy, earthy chai-based drink harnesses the power and deep flavor of chaga mushrooms.

Difficulty Novice
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  • Chaga Chai

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Chaga Chai

Chaga Chai is a remarkable brew that blends wildcrafted chaga mushrooms with roasted dandelion root, chicory and adaptogenic astragalus root


  • 3 oz Rishi Chaga Chai or Foraged Chaga Chai Concentrate
  • 4 oz Oatly! oat milk
  • 3/4 oz chili syrup
  • 1 oz espresso, optional
  • Glass: 16-ounce


Step 1
Combine chai concentrate, oat milk, and chili syrup.
Step 2
Cold preparation: shake with ice (& optional espresso) to chill and foam.
Step 3
Hot preparation: heat & aerate using steamwand. Pour over fresh-pulled espresso.


Mushroom Hero Cold Brew Milk:
4 Tbsp Rishi Mushroom Hero botanical blend
2 oz filtered water at 200º F
25 oz full fat milk

Add botanical blend to a 32-ounce vessel and cover with hot water; infuse for 1 minute. Add milk; secure and shake to incorporate. Refrigerate 8-10 hours; strain fully. Use for hot or cold drinks.

Alternate Preparation: Mushroom Hero Cold Brew Milk:
3/4 oz  chili syrup
7 oz Rishi Mushroom Hero botanical blend
1 oz  espresso, optional

Add syrup, milk, (and optional espresso) to a shaker filled 25% with ice. Shake to chill and foam. Transfer to serving glass.

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