Select Your Type of Service and Brewing Method

Things to Consider When You Choose Your Type of Service

An important aspect to consider, and perhaps one of the first, is your type of service and brewing method. Its important to consider several factors to make sure that you have the corect type of service for your business.  These include

  1. Volume of Customers
  2. Speed of Service
  3. Type of Customer / Demographic
  4. Size of Your Bar / Kitchen and Dining Area.

Rishi Tea & Botanicals offers loose leaf tea and multiple sachet formats to allow you to cultivate creative offerings no matter the type of tea service you plan to provide.

Service Options

Loose Leaf Tea

Loose leaf tea will give you the best tasting and most affordable option when it comes to buying bulk tea. There are several different brewing methods that can impact the taste of your tea.

For a modern take on loose leaf tea, we recommend the Simple Brew, which are quite popular and accommodate most type of tea. The simple brew can be used behind the counter or given to the guest with a timer so they know when to pour their tea. Overall, the simple brew is the fastest and most effective way to serve loose leaf tea.

For more traditional service, consider a different brewing vessel for different kinds of tea. We recommend Japanese green tea in a kyusu and oolong tea in a gaiwan ( “lidded pot”). These vessels will allow you to serve multiple infusions and provide a highly specialized and distinctive experience. This type of service is significantly more time intensive but goes a long way to create distinct flavors, a rich atmosphere and a premium position.


Sachet tend to be the most conventional way to brew tea at a restaurant or café. They are very quick and convenient and familiar to most customers. We offer sachets in several formats including sachets with and without overwraps.

We have over 15 profiles in overwraps and these sachets are best suited for 8 oz (250mL) of tea. Typically this format is used when the guest is served hot water and a few options to choose from.

If you want to serve a large cup of tea (12-16 oz), we also offer Double Dose sachets. The Double Dose line has no overwraps and contains double the industry standard gram weight of tea. The lack of an overwrap cuts down on waste and makes these the more eco-friendy option.

More Keys to a Great Tea Program

Curate Your Tea Menu

Curate Your Tea Menu

Much like wine, tea is grown in diverse regions around the world and can take on unique characteristic based on where it is grown. We recommend that you select a variety of teas to capture different types of tea as well as specific characteristics.

Store Your Tea Appropriately

Store Your Tea Appropriately

How you store your tea will have a big impact on its shelf life and the overall quality of the tea you serve at your restaurant or café.