Schisandra 3 Ways

Infused Apple Brandy

Infused Agave Syrup

Schisandra Sparkling Botanical



Glass: Collins

2 oz Infused apple brand
1 oz Infused agave syrup
Schisandra Sparkling Botanical by Rishi


In a Collins glass add ice and build in this order: 2 oz Infused apple brandy, 1 oz Infused Agave Syrup and top with Schisandra Sparkling Botanical.

Infused Apple Brandy

750 mL Brandy (90 Proof)
14 grams of bloomed Schisandra berry

Add to a 1L Mason Jar, shake, and cold brew for 24 hours (shaking from time to time). Strain into a mason jar and reserve.

Infused Agave Syrup

33 grams Bloomed Rishi Tea & Botanicals Schisandra Berries
500 mL Filtered water
500 mL Agave syrup

In a small sauce pan, add all ingredients and stir constantly. Bring to a boil and remove from heat. Allow to cool and place into a 1L Mason jar. Cold brew overnight and strain. Store in a fresh Mason jar.

Bloomed Schisandra Berry

In a 1000mL Simple Brew, add 14 grams of Rishi Tea & Botanicals Schisandra Berries. Add 100 mL of 212°F water for 15 seconds and strain. 

This technique can be used for syrups as well.

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Schisandra Berries

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Schisandra Berry Sparkling Botanical


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