Red Shiso

warming, bright, red wine-like quality

Origin: New England
Region, United States

Shiso, also known as Japanese mint, wild sesame or Perilla, is a primary culinary herb of Asia. Scientists have studied shiso tea’s ability to restore health with its high antioxidant value and aromatic compounds. Red shiso contains anthocyanins slightly different from its green shiso counterpart, with a slightly spicier flavor and a basil-like quality. Used frequently in pickling applications, it’s also added for a pop of color. Red shiso provides unique antioxidants, aromas and an enticing infusion hue to infusions and blends.  

Around 500 AD, Red Shiso was mentioned in the Specific Recordings by Famous Physicians by Táo Hóngjǐng (名醫別錄 Míng Yī Bié Lù), where it is called by the name su (蘇). Several of its uses were described in this book.

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