Rishi Tea & Botanicals Pu'er Long Brew Drink
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Pu’er Longbrew

A smooth, strong sipper with earthy sweetness, notes of cocoa and aromatic finish.

Yield 1 serving
Time 10 mins | 5 hours
Difficulty Novice
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  • Pu'er Classic

Featured Products

Pu'er Classic

This Shu Pu'er is notable for its notes of earthy sweetness, hints of cocoa and a woodsy, aromatic finish.


  • 20g Rishi Pu'er Classic, hot rinsed
  • 20 oz (600ml) filtered water at 200°F


Step 1
Brew tea in hot water for 5 hours, covered
Step 2
Strain/decant fully; allow to cool
Step 3
Serve in an old-fashioned glass over fresh ice


Optional mixer recommendation: add tonic water

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