Create Your Favorite Chai Latte At Home 

Chai tea is a festive and creative way to share joy with your family and friends. With a long history beginning in India, this spiced tea is pleasant and warming. Chai can be an element of comfort or an elaborate decadent treat. Curious as to how to create your own version of chai at home? Follow the suggestions below and begin your own tradition with chai.

At-Home Chai Methods

Make a Concentrate

12-14 g  Chai of choice
1L water
100 grams of sugar or equivalent of sugar preference

Add 1L water to a pot. Bring water to a boil. Add tea. Turn down heat and simmer gently on stove for 20 min. If sugar is desired add up to 100 grams of sugar. Let cool before storing in the fridge. Keeps for up to 72 hours.

To prepare hot or iced: Use with milk of choice in a 1:1 ratio.

stove top cooking pot lidded

Classic Version: Chai-Wallah Style 


2-4 Tbsp Chai of choice
200mL water
200mL fresh milk
Sugar or sugar preference to your liking

Add 2 Tbsp tea to a saucepan. Add 200 ml water and bring to a boil. Add 200 ml fresh milk and bring up to a boil again. Cut the heat and let it steep for 4 min. Strain and sweeten.

turmeric chai rishi honey pouring

No Steamwand- No Problem!

If you are looking for a foamier option for your chai latte, you can try out a few methods in your home with a variety of equipment.

Mason Jar: try gently heating your milk on the stove (no hotter than 160°F, as it may cause injury any higher). Add milk to the mason jar (with enough room for milk to expand) and shake until frothy. Complete your chai concentrate with this foamy milk!

Mini blender:  gently heat your milk and chai on the stove (no hotter than 160°F, as it may cause injury any higher). Add milk to the blender and place lid on securely, ensuring there is enough room for the milk to expand. Be very cautious with warm milk in a blender, as it can splatter when opened.

Electric Whisk: gently heat your milk  and chai on the stove to desired temperature. Add mixture to a jar or vessel and create froth with the electric whisk. Pour into your favorite, pre-heated mug and enjoy!

Rishi Masala Chai foamy cinnamon

Get Creative

Creativity knows no bounds! Experiment with your favorite flavors of chai, sweetners, and preparation method. Use your imagination to create your next daily beverage routine or special treat. 

chaga chai whipped cream creative


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