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How to Brew Loose Leaf Tea in a Kyusu

The kyusu is a traditional teapot ideal for brewing pure Japanese green teas. Many kyusu teapots are fashioned in a side-handle style known as yokode, which was originally developed for preparing tea while seated on tatami mats. As with brewing any tea, finding the right balance of water temperature, infusion time, and amount of tea is very important ..


To prepare Japanese tea with a kyusu, you will need:
1. kyusu,
2. water cooling pitcher (yuzamashi)
3. gram scale
4. thermometer
5. teacups


Begin by boiling water with an electric kettle or by drawing hot water off a dispenser. Cool water to desired brewing temperature in a yuzamashi water cooling pitcher while you measure your tea.


Measure 5g (approx 1 tablespoon) for a kyusu with 150-200ml water volume. Measure 7-8g for a kyusu with 300-400ml water volume. Add measured tea to a clean, dry kyusu teapot.


When water has cooled to the appropriate temperature, pour slowly into the kyusu teapot. Fill about 90% of the kyusu volume with water, leaving a little space at the top to ensure a cleaner decantation.


Add lid and steep for the recommended infusion time (usually about 1-2 minutes for Japanese green tea).


To decant, hold kyusu in the palm of hand while securing lid with thumb. Pour tea from the kyusu by rocking back and forth with a gentle wrist motion. This creates a wave of tea that repeatedly crashes against the kyusu’s straining mesh filter. Pour a small amount into each teacup, alternating from one cup to the next at least six or seven times to ensure each cup has an equal concentration of flavor.

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