Rishi Tea & Botanicals Matcha tea shot being poured over Sensa infused tea in glass cup.

Green Eye Recipe

This energizing and antioxidant rich blend is the perfect drink to start your day.

Yield 1 serving
Time 10 mins
Difficulty Novice
Featured Products
  • Nishi Sencha First Flush
  • Ceremonial First Flush

Featured Products

Nishi Sencha First Flush

This is Nishi's premier asamushi style steamed sencha with a bright, lively character that is only found in the first flush.

Ceremonial First Flush

Matcha is the shade-grown, stone-ground green tea powder of Japan, celebrated for its vibrant, healthful energy and vivid green color.


  • 10g per 320 ml (11 oz) of Nishi Sencha First Flush
  • 2g Ceremonial Matcha
  • 2 oz water


Step 1
Place 10g (per 320 ml/11 oz) of Nishi Sencha First Flush into steeping device
Step 2
Infuse with 160°F water for 45-90 seconds
Step 3
While Nishi Sencha infuses, prepare 2 grams of Ceremonial Matcha
Step 4
Sift matcha gently into bowl. This ensures the matcha will not clump and creates a smooth and velvety shot
Step 5
Once infused, decant the Nishi Sencha into a mug of choice
Step 6
Add about 2 oz of 170°F water to sifted matcha
Step 7
Whisk vigorously to form smooth and small microfoam
Step 8
Pour the matcha shot over the top of the sencha infusion

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