Rishi Tea & Botanicals Flowering Schisandra Berry Spritz in a tall glass.

Flowering Schisandra Berry Spritz

Yield 1 serving
Time 20 mins | overnight
Difficulty Novice
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  • Schisandra Berry Sparkling Botanical

ZERO PROOF MIXOLOGY: Flowering Schisandra Berry Spritz

Featured Products

Schisandra Berry Sparkling Botanical

Tart & quenching with a lovely rosé infusion, Schisandra Berry is a forest-grown adaptogen elixir.


  • Glass: Collins
  • 3 oz rose-infused pomegranate juice (recipe below)
  • 9 oz Schisandra Sparkling Botanical


Step 1
Fill 16 oz glass with ice
Step 2
Add all ingredients to glass


Rose-Infused Pomegranate Juice

  • Bring 100mL water to 200°F
  • Pour over 10g rose petals and buds in a 600mL Simple Brew
  • Steep for 5 min
  • Add 400mL pomegranate juice
  • Steep in fridge overnight or for at least 8 hours
  • Keeps for one week

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