Rishi Welcomes Dr. Turmeric 


Rishi Tea & Botanicals is proud to announce an exclusive partnership with “Dr. Turmeric” artisan foods from Taiwan. The “Dr. Turmeric” line ranges from turmeric noodles, sauces, condiments and cold-pressed oolong tea seed oil.  It also features several different varietals of turmeric powder as well as ginger and galangal root powders. The selections are deliciously flavorful and functional. Rishi will be the exclusive North American importer and distributor of the Dr. Turmeric brand.

The Dr. Turmeric brand was created by our friend Dr. Hsieh, who has a PHD of agricultural sciences and is a specialist of turmeric cultivation and processing. Dr. Hsieh is the son of Rishi’s exclusive Taiwan tea producer and export partner of over 20 years. The same rich, red soils that cultivate our oolong and red teas in Mingjian Village of Taiwan’s central highlands are used to grow Dr. Turmeric’s, premium turmeric roots.

Rishi Founder Joshua Kaiser (center) with Dr. Hsieh (right) and his brother, Jui Lung (left).

Red Turmeric, Purple Turmeric, Curcuma Aromatica, and other related roots thrive at the oolong tea farms. The farm uses neighboring rows of tea and turmeric to maximize the use of its precious land.  In addition, this provides an additional commercial crop during the “off peak” tea harvesting season. Taiwan and Okinawa turmeric cultivation are highly regarded world-wide. Dr. Hsieh is at the top of the game and has curated many different types of turmeric during his distinguished career. His cultivation, harvesting and processing techniques are designed to preserve the aroma, color, taste and function of the turmeric root. Through this work and passion Dr. Hsieh has created exceptional new and innovative turmeric products that we now share with you under the Dr. Turmeric brand.

Rishi’s tea partners in Taiwan are also amazing tea masters and agriculturalists in Mingjian Village.  The matriarch is Mrs. Yan Ying Tsao and is a significant supplier for Rishi Tea.  Mrs. Yan Ying Tsao has devoted her life to tea but is also a true naturalist in her farming of tea, fruits, herbs, orchids, varieties of turmeric and ginger—you name it, she grows it.  In 2000, Mrs. Yang won the Shennong Farmer God Award, issued by the President of Taiwan to farmers that show exemplary innovation and dedication to their community’s improvement.  Mrs. Tsao’s son, Jui Lung, who is Joshua’s contemporary and good friend, is also heavily involved in this family-run operation.  Jui Lung is a level 5 tea taster, certified by the Zhejiang, Hangzhou Tea Research Institute and is of the top tasters and specialized tea makers in Taiwan. To round out this amazing family of growers, Jui Lung’s brother, Dr. Hsieh heads up the massive turmeric project, growing the highest quality red turmeric. Along with another brother, A-Hsiang-Shih, a renowned chef who studied under Master chefs in Taiwan, they have created amazing culinary recipes full of superfoods. 

Dr. Hsieh achieved a PhD in agronomy, specializing in turmeric and has put his studies to great use.  Dr. Hsieh focuses on utilizing natural resources, such as organic fertilizers and soybean liquid fertilizer. His focus is not only on the turmeric crops, but he also grows tea trees, red turmeric, perilla and honeysuckle. Through his dedication, he has successfully cultivated  an ecologically abundant farm with robust crops:  Fong-Man Biotech Farm.  Dr. Hsieh runs this organic farm and consults for CGMP traditional Chinese medicine manufacturers on organic medicinal herb cultivation. You can even find him hosting lectures teaching about organic agricultural production technology in universities in Taiwan and overseas. 

Taiwan is a marker of great biodiversity, rare and unique teas, and has quite a range of terroir to experience. Our portfolio has many delightful teas from this essential region and is now flush with offerings of turmeric and ginger powders, as well as culinary ingredients to supplement your diet with nourishing dishes.  

We welcome you to check out of our first wave of Dr. Turmeric products from our collaborations with Dr. Hsieh in Taiwan. We look forward to sharing many more Dr. Turmeric products with you and are excited to explore recipes together.



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