Direct Trade Tea & Botanicals

Direct Trade is not a formal certification but a sourcing philosophy and a commitment to a way of doing business. Rishi’s Direct Trade is defined by our active, personal relationships with tea growers and farmers around the world. We work directly with the producers and pay fair prices for the crops that they grow.

The farmers we work with recognize that in following elevated agricultural and production standards they will receive a long-term, committed partnership from us. Our buyers travel to origin during each growing season to meet with the farmers, taste the fresh crop and work together in the fields to achieve our desired flavor profiles. By cutting out the middlemen we can leave 100% of the price paid for crops on the table of the growers who worked to bring the product to us. We even collaborate to create new styles of tea. The tea and botanicals you love from Rishi are the result of these authentic, trusting partnerships built up over years of renewed business together.

Our practice of Direct Trade is not just romance or marketing gimmick; it is the very foundation of our quality control program. Our travel and hands-on work with farmers allows us to verify where, when and how our products are grown and to offer traceability on each lot back to the very soil where the tea trees and botanicals are planted.


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