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Build Creative Applications for Teas & Botanicals


Seasonal Beverages

With the advent of larger coffee shop chains gaining and maintaining popularity, the kitschy seasonal beverage is certainly a trend customers are excited to sample. While there is an element of trendiness associated with seasonal beverages, it does not mean that the offerings need to lack quality or a balanced essence. Utilizing tea and botanicals can give a strong foundation to potentially sweet or top-heavy concoctions.

Shakes and Smoothies

Offering delicious frozen beverages is becoming a requisite for many food and beverages programs. Smoothies are still on the rise and a popular method of consuming quick, nutrient dense meal-like beverages. To amplify taste and potential benefits without adding extra sugar or fillers, teas and botanicals can be a great base. Powders, such as Matcha or Butterfly Pea Flower Powder, can also add flavor as an add-on or feature in a smoothie.

Though smoothies are thought to be a more healthful option, shakes do not necessarily have to live in the “unhealthy category.” Using real ingredients like tea and botanicals can add possible benefits to treats, while offering a familiar dessert on a menu.

Mixology & Cocktails

Tea and botanicals can easily be infused into spirits or made as a strong brew to be the base of delicious beverages, either spirits-based or alcohol-free. Rishi has quite a few recipes and inspiration photos for cocktail creation. Inquire about our wholesale program or contact your sale representative to learn how we can help you create distinctive beverages using teas & botanicals

Chai Lattes

The traditional tea beverage, Chai, from India is readily brought to your business via concentrate or creating your own from our many chai profiles. The concentrates are packed in shelf-stable tetrapaks, allowing for simple dry storage. Not only can you choose the profile of your chai, you can also implement fun additions to a chai latte with an espresso shot or with a tea shot. Give Chaga Chai a try with a shot of houjicha!

Inquire about our wholesale program or contact your sale representative to learn how we can help you create distinctive beverages in any of these categories using teas & botanicals.

Other Ideas

Serving boba can be a fun and unique experience outside of just Bubble Tea shops. Boba became popular in Taiwan and the craze has spread around the world. In a more elevated experience, boba can be handmade from tapioca in-shop and bespoke flavors can be created by adding different syrups, tea flavors, and tea bases.

 Signature Recipe Inspiration

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More Keys to a Great Tea Program

Select Your Type of Service

Select Your Type of Service

An important aspect to consider, and perhaps one of the first, is your type of service and brewing method. Depending on the level of business, type of customer, and size of your café, many options exist to best serve you and your guests. Rishi Tea & Botanicals offers loose leaf tea and multiple sachet formats to allow you to cultivate creative offerings no matter the type of tea service you plan to provide.

Curate Your Tea Menu

Curate Your Tea Menu

Much like wine, tea is grown in diverse regions around the world and can take on unique characteristic based on where it is grown. We recommend that you select a variety of teas to capture different types of tea as well as specific characteristics.

Store Your Tea Appropriately

Store Your Tea Appropriately

How you store your tea will have a big impact on its shelf life and the overall quality of the tea you serve at your restaurant or café.