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Now more than ever there is buzzy clickbait trend around detoxification and cleansing teas. Often it is so misguided that we have seen pushback from the scientific community. In particular, many astute observers point out that our bodies are able to detoxify as part of their own natural processes. Our incredible bodies are absolutely capable of breaking down toxins. In addition, there is ample research and thousands of years of herbal tradition that teaches us which herbs and botanicals safely support our own natural systems.

Western Herbal Medicine

In Western Herbal Medicine, herbs and botanicals are separated into many categories for specific actions or purposes. For detoxification support, practitioners turn to alterative, choleretic and hepatoprotective herbs.

Alterative herbs are known for their ability to support and awaken the body’s elimination channels and include burdock root and sarsaparilla. Choleretic herbs are said to support detoxification via bile production and outward flow and include artichoke leaf and dandelion root. While hepatoprotective herbs are thought to prevent damage to the liver and include schisandra berry. 

Many claims about miracle detox herbs can be confusing, misleading and downright incorrect. However, there are botanicals that provide support to your body’s natural functions. We believe a healthy life is a balanced life and although we are not medical professionals and do not make specific health claims, we recognize the wisdom of the traditional uses and remedies of plants.  

Detox Teas

At Rishi, we have categorized a few of our teas as detox blends, which include some of the aforementioned herbs, as well as other ingredients proposed by traditional wellness claims to provide support to our natural detoxification processes.


Dandelion Detox

Dandelion Detox is a sophisticated mash-up of traditional Chinese slimming teas and detox herb tea blends from Western herbalism. Dandelion root is an herb that is traditionally known to support detoxification. Cinnamon energizes the blend, while a hint of citrus provides quenching replenishment to restore balance.


Ginseng Detox

A balanced combination of tangy berries, sweet roots and aromatic herbs infused with the vitality of ginseng. Burdock and dandelion roots add nutty accents and are known in traditional herbology to have a cleansing and recharging energy. This adaptogenic blend has an intriguing aromatic depth and refreshing raspberry mint finish.

Pu'er Digestivo

Pu’er is popular all over the world as a daily slimming tea. Long standing beliefs hold that artichoke leaf supports digestion. Galangal root is used widely in global herbology to support digestion and immunity. We added red shiso leaf for a boost of warmth, maqui berries for vitality detox while both are antioxidant powerhouses. This unique blend is based upon thousands of years of herbal practices to support digestion and vitality.

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