Curate Your Own Tea Menu

Choose Diverse Tea Profiles and Products

Much like wine, tea is grown in diverse regions around the world and can take on unique characteristics based on climate, soil and altitude of the place where it is grown. In addition, there are many processing method that can effect the flavor and caffeine level. We recommend that you select a variety of teas to capture different types of tea as well as different characteristics, such as caffeinated and un-caffeinated.

A Good Tea Menu
Contains The Following:

  1. Black tea such as English Breakfest
  2. Scented black tea such as likely Earl Grey.
  3. Green tea such as Jade Cloud or Sencha.
  4. A White tea such as White Peony or Silver Needles
  5. An Oolong tea such as Four Seasons Spring
  6. A peppermint profile such Peppermint Sage
  7. Spicy ginger profile such Turmeric Ginger
  8. A specialized botanical blend, such as Dandelion Detox or Patagonia Super Berry.

Additional Popular Options


No modern tea offering is complete without Matcha, “the espresso of tea.” It is great for matcha lattes or matcha americanos. If matcha lattes are on the menu, our barista matcha is a great fit. If you’re looking for a matcha for Americanos, our Teahouse Matcha is a preferred option. We also purvey extremely precious matcha made by renowned artisan tea producers, if your space allows for ceremonial matcha.

Chai Concentrates

Chai lattes are a staple component of many menus, and our six different concentrates make consistently delicious beverages that can also be used in culinary or mixology applications. We offer our Core Line, which consists of our Masala Chai, Turmeric Ginger Chai, and Chaga Chai. The core line is sweetened with organic cane sugar and is easy to use with a 1:1 chai to milk ratio, whether hot or iced. The Barista Line is formulated with maple syrup, which is a tasty low-glycemic offering and a premium ingredient.

Iced Tea & Cold Brew Tea

Rishi Tea & Botanicals carries a line of iced teas ranging from Classic Black to Tangerine White. For a more specific profile, we also released 1000mL Cold Brew Sachets with unique flavors only available in this line, such as Kurokoji Slimmer and Misudashi Green.

Botanical Powders

The newest addition to the catalog is our Botanical Powders. These extract powders are completely water soluble and made of high-quality, rare fruits and herbs. These powders function well in juice or water-based applications. If a milk-based application is preferential, we recommend Butterfly Pea Flower Powder or our Passionfruit Amla Gotu Kola Powder.

More Keys to a Great Tea Program

Select Your Type of Service

Select Your Type of Service

An important aspect to consider, and perhaps one of the first, is your type of service and brewing method. Depending on the level of business, type of customer, and size of your café, many options exist to best serve you and your guests. Rishi Tea & Botanicals offers loose leaf tea and multiple sachet formats to allow you to cultivate creative offerings no matter the type of tea service you plan to provide.

Store Your Tea Appropriately

Store Your Tea Appropriately

How you store your tea will have a big impact on its shelf life and the overall quality of the tea you serve at your restaurant or café.