Coffee & Vanilla Bean Tea Latte

Rishi Tea & Rishi Tea & Botanicals Vanilla Bean Milk tea

Simple syrup

Espresso or cold brew

Inspired by classic Hong Kong and Taiwanese beverages, we infused tea directly into milk. Whether you prefer almond milk, oat milk or cows milk this creates a smooth and subtle taste, easy to pair with other unique flavors. Milk Tea is perfect for both hot and iced applications to suit any time of year.


Glass: Collins or glass mug

8 oz Rishi Tea & Botanicals Vanilla Bean Milk tea
.5 oz Simple syrup or sweetener of choice
2 oz Espresso or cold brew


Hot: Steam Vanilla Bean Milk with simple syrup, pour over espresso shot and serve.

Iced: Add ice, Vanilla Bean Milk, simple syrup to a glass and top with espresso or cold brew. 

Vanilla Bean Milk Tea

3 Tbsp (14g) Rishi Tea & Botanicals Vanilla Bean
7oz 200°F Filtered water
25 oz Milk of choice

Add Vanilla Bean to a 1000mL Simple Brew and top with 200°F water. Brew for 1 minute. Add milk and infuse in refrigerator for 8 hours. Decant and use within 2-3 days.

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