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For many centuries and through countless cultures, tea has been recognized as a healthful beverage for the mind, body, and soul. In today’s society, artificial beverages have become pervasive, and we believe tea offers the perfect alternative because of its numerous health benefits.

At Rishi Tea & Botanicals we believe that a healthy life is a balanced life and although we are not doctors and do not make specific health claims, we recognize the wisdom of traditional uses and holistic remedies of herbs, teas and botanicals. When you include tea and botanicals in your diet it can increase a sense of wellness that creates positive self-care habits and rituals that will promote a healthy and balanced life.

The composition of the Chinese character for tea (“cha”) reveals how we can explore a natural and healthy existence through this timeless drink. The character depicts three elements: ‘grass’ on the top, ‘human’ in the center, and ‘tree’ on the bottom. This character reveals the essence of tea and its connection to nature.  Japanese culture also recognizes this connection in Teasim. This was first explored by Okakura Kakuzo in his 1906 essay entitled, “The Book of Tea.”  茶 cha=tea grass + human + tree.

In the traditional tea cultures of East Asia, it is common knowledge that different varieties of Camellia sinensis (tea) offer unique energies and effects on the mind and body. With these traditions and their roots in “food as medicine” in mind, we will explore some of the health benefits of tea.

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