Garden Direct

What is Garden Direct?

What is Garden Direct?

Garden Direct is a carefully curated selection of single-origin seasonal teas. They are packaged fresh at origin and sent via air freight to our warehouse in Milwaukee, WI so we can share these most cherished teas at their peak freshness.

Mingqian Harvest Teas

Mingqian Harvest Teas

With the change in season, we see the first crops of teas being introduced into the market. One can imagine the anticipation to the release of Beaujolais Nouveau, or other sought-after wines, and correlate the same excitement for celebrated seasons within the annual calendar of the global tea harvests.

A Focused Look: Cultivars & Terroir in Taiwan

A Focused Look: Cultivars & Terroir in Taiwan

Rishi’s tea partners in Taiwan are amazing tea masters in Mingjian Village. The matriarch is Mrs. Yan Ying Tsao and is a significant supplier for Rishi tea. Mrs. Yan Ying Tsao has devoted her life to tea but is also a true naturalist in her farming of tea, fruits, herbs, orchids, varieties of turmeric and ginger—you name it, she grows it.


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