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Buddha Hand Citron Bitters Collins

Try this refreshing dandelion ginger and infused white rum drink this summer.

Yield 1 serving
Time 10 mins | Overnight
Difficulty Moderate
Featured Products
  • Pu'er Digestivo
  • Dandelion Ginger

Featured Products

Pu'er Digestivo

Pu'er is popular all over the world as a daily slimming tea. Long standing beliefs hold that artichoke leaf supports digestion. Galangal root is used widely in global herbology to support digestion and immunity.

Dandelion Ginger

Roasted dandelion root and a unique variety of ginger prized for its pungency, aroma and spiciness are craft brewed and combined with red chili and tonic herbs. The result is an incredibly aromatic ginger beer with zero added sugar that offers satisfying depth and focal ginger heat.


  • 2 oz Infused white rum (recipe below)
  • 6 oz Dandelion Ginger Sparkling Botanicals by Rishi


Step 1
In a Collins glass, add 1 inch of ice
Step 2
Add 2 oz infused white rum
Step 3
Top with 6 oz of Dandelion Ginger Sparkling Botanicals


Buddha Hand Infused White Rum

750 ml white rum
14 grams Rishi Tea & Botanicals Pu’er Digestivo Herb Lab Blend
20 grams fresh Buddha Hand citrus peels (using a fruit peeler)
2 whole Meyer lemons, sliced into wheels

Add all ingredients to 1L Mason jar, shake, and cold brew for 24 hours (shaking occasionally). Strain into a Mason jar and reserve.

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