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Black Lemon Apple Cider

Yield 1 serving
Time 5 mins | 5 days
Difficulty Novice
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  • Black Lemon Sparkling Botanical

ZERO PROOF MIXOLOGY: Black Lemon Apple Cider

Featured Products

Black Lemon Sparkling Botanical

Bright, aromatic and citrusy with a malty finish.


  • Glass: Collins
  • 2 oz apple cider
  • .5 oz cinnamon agave water (recipe below)
  • 9 oz Black Lemon Sparkling Botanical
  • cinnamon quill (for garnish)


Step 1
Add all ingredients to a 16 oz glass filled with ice
Step 2
Serve with a cinnamon quill garnish


Cinnamon Infused Agave

12g Cinnamon Quills (about 5)
255g Agave (9oz)

  • Combine Cinnamon and Agave
  • Infuse for 5 days
  • Strain
  • Store in refrigerator

Cinnamon-infused Agave Water

  • Loosen agave with water, about 1:0.5
  • Store in refrigerator

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