aromas of spring meadows, elegant green teas
and a unique herbal sweetness

Origin: New England
Region, United States

Artemisia is an herb that has had many names over thousands of years of use, including Qinghai 青蒿, sweet wormwood and Artemisia annua. Culturally rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, artemisia was first notated in The Divine Farmer’s Materia Medica. This plant has a tannin structure, notable polyphenols and aromatic compounds like green tea, but is caffeine-free with detoxifying properties. The plant is high in antioxidants and is considered to have a warming effect, while green tea is known for its cooling effects. 

 Many of the same antioxidants and aromatic compounds in artemisia are also contained in lemongrass, verbena, wintergreen, and other types of herbs. The components coumarin and quinine are also found in the plant, which are a key ingredient in tonic water and tea cocktails. 

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