Follow The 2021 Spring Harvest

This article will provide updates, photos and announcements of new teas as they become available. Follow along as the first tea buds and leaves of 2021 emerge.


2021 Mingqian Harvest – China

The 2021 Spring harvest truly represents a year of re-growth and emergence for people all over the world.  As the first buds and leaves emerge this spring, we embark on the exciting journey of a new tea season.  Our first teas this year will be from the Mingqian Season [ 明前茶 ]. These teas are harvested before the Qingming Festival [ 清明节 “Tomb-Sweeping Festival”] on April 4th. These teas are given the “Mingqian” designation which literally means “prior to Qingming.”

Our First 2021 Minqian Teas are Coming Soon!

March 24, 2021

These are some of the gardens that produce our organic Long Jing, Yulu Jade Dew and Single Cultivar Lu Zhen varieties in Jin Long Ping Village, Xuan En, China

Tea Garden

Tea Garden

ing Long Ping tea village in Xuan En

Jin Long Ping Village, Xuan En, China

hands picking tea

Jin Long Ping Village, Xuan En, China

People picking tea leaves

Harvesting Mingqian teas

Tea Leaves
Jing Long Ping tea village in Xuan En 2

We actually have relationships with these gardens and not just hit and run buyers.  We have sourced tea here for many years.

This field is E-Cha 1 Jade Buds Green Tea, a single bud pluck for Lu Zhen Green Needles style processing.

Jing Long Ping tea village in Xuan En 1

April 7, 2021

First Mingqian Tea has Landed

April 7, 2021


Taiwan Tea Gardens Update

Iron Goddess Farm in Mingjian Village – Nantou Taiwan.

This cultivars Wu-Yi and Qingxin are two of the oldest and original tea varieties grown in Taiwan for Tieguanyin (Iron Goddess of Mercy). In a week or so, the harvests will begin for our 2021 crop.

Iron Goddess farm in Mingjian Village - Nantou Taiwan - 1
Iron Goddess farm in Mingjian Village - Nantou Taiwan - 3
Iron Goddess farm in Mingjian Village - Nantou Taiwan - 2

April 19, 2021


Taiwan Tea Gardens Harvest

Iron Goddess Farm in Mingjian Village – Nantou Taiwan.

The first spring harvest is underway for Iron Goddess of Mercey and Four Seasons Spring

April 26, 2021


This year we are featuring three different cultivars of Green Needles (Lu Zhen) 
Bendizhong, E-Cha #1, Long Jing #43

Green Needles is a traditional way of processing tea that creates a pine needle-shaped green tea from Hubei province fo China. After withering, the tea leaves are fired in a small tumble-roasters, then shaped using special heated table machines that shake the tea leaves back-and-forth repeatedly to coax the leaves into straight needles. The tea leaves are initially dried on hot air-flow tables while stirred and then finally baked to perfection in an oven. Infuse with care not to over-steep in order to savor the rich complexity of this early spring tea.

Green Needles Has Arrived
women picking green needles tea
green needles harvest
Green Needles Long Jing 43

Green Needles Single Cultivar Long Jing #43

Green Needles E-Cha #1

Green Needles Single Cultivar E-Cha #1

Green Needles Bendizhong

Green Needles Single Cultivar Bendizhong

April 27, 2021

Nishi First Flush Sencha

This is the first of the first flush hand picked Nishi Shincha Saemidori for Rishi Tea

These are photos of Nishi-Sans mother, Junko-San and her friends hand picking tea in April 2021.

nishi sencha picking

Junko San
Nishi Hand Picked

Nishi-san’s Shincha Single Cultivar Saemidori

April 30, 2021


Additional Mingqian Tea has Landed

More teas from the Chinese Mingqian harvest have landed. Two of these teas (Dragon Well Single Cultivar Long Jing #43 and Yulu Jade Dew) come from Jin Long Ping village, Xuan En county, Hubei province, China. Both are made with the same cultivar Long Jing #43 but processed differently to create two distinct profiles with fresh spring energy and flavor. The Fuding Silver Needles comes from Fuding, Fujian Province, China and is the Fuding Da Hao cultivar.

Fresh Tea from Diverse Origins
dragon well tea

Dragon Well Single Cultivar Long Jing #43

Yulu Jade Dew

Yulu Jade Dew

Fuding Silver Needles 2021

Fuding Silver Needles Vintage 2021

May 4, 2021


First Flush Darjeeling Tea Now Available

In the lofty setting of the Himalayas, Darjeeling is renowned by tea enthusiasts for producing teas with exceptional aromatic nuance and complexity. The First Flush teas harvested in March-April have brilliant golden infusions that reflect the vibrancy of spring. Many of these specialized gardens were founded in the 19th century, each with a unique signature aroma.

May 10, 2021


Mingqian White Tea

In China, tea fanatics await the spring harvest. Natural plant sugars like polysaccharides and umami-rich amino acids, are concentrated in the new tea leaf buds and leaves that sprout from the tea plants. It is this new growth that is so cherished in Mingqian White Teas

Fuding Town, Fujian Province, China is a heritage white tea origin situated on mist-enshrouded mountainsides that overlook an estuary leading out to the sea.

Mingqian White Tea
Fuding Da Hao Cultivar Tea Leaf

Fuding Da Hao cultivar which translates as “Big Hair” is a cultivar featured in Fuding Silver Needles Vintage 2018 and 2021 as well as White Peony King.

May 11, 2021


More Nishi Shincha

More Shincha has arrived from the Nishi farm on Kyushu Island with many gardens atop Mt. Kirishima, an active volcano near Kagoshima. The Nishi family are pioneers of organic tea farming in Japan and one of the most successful high-quality organic tea producers in the world.
nishi shincha 3
Nishi-Sans Organic Japanese Green Tea.  Garden Direct Shincha
Nishi Shincha

May 21, 2021


Fresh Green Tea from Shizuoka, Japan

Shizuoka, Japan is famous for its volcanic soils that are used to cultivate many renowned green teas, with a history in tea production that dates back to the 13th century. Shizuoka is also well known as the home of Mt. Fuji a Japanese cultural icon that has been depicted in art, music and poetry for hundreds of years.
mt fuji